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NBA 2K17 Ratings News: Kristaps Porzingis And Brandon Jennings Critique Their Own NBA 2K17 Ratings

29 Aug 16 - 04:31

As noted by N4NBA.COM, a few days ago, the result of the individual player ratings for NBA 2K17 has already come out, in this regard, league's dudes have a chance to complain even though bust each other's balls. Of course, our own New York Knicks were no exception.

First of all, as we can see Kirstaps Porzingis, actually, we cannot see any comment, he is willing to let the fans speak for him: 

If you ask me what do I think about? I will be answer you that I see scene: they  they sc...
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Free NBA 2K17 Demo Open Your Career Mode

29 Aug 16 - 04:28

NBA 2K17 release date is more and more closer, detail release date is September 20, nonetheless, A good news made game player more excited, which is "The prelude" can free download that will be available 11 days early, "The prelude" as a game's mode, free downloadable made it so attractive especially drastic games player. Today, this news was published for 2K Sports.

As you can see in the trailer above, "The Prelude" will feature NBA 2K’s new MyPlayer creation process. In NBA 2K17, you...
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D’Angelo Russell NBA 2K17 Ratings Was Revealed

27 Aug 16 - 03:33

NBA 2K17 officially release date is more and more closer, specific date is likely less than a month, during a month, both fans and players still anxiously awaiting in order to see the player ratings and the upcoming year.

Luckily for fans, Los Angeles Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell wasted no time in revealing his overall rating.

While it is unclear whether or not Russell is ok with the slight bump, having the opportunity to play as yourself is always a dream come true for any ...
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Colleges Play A Role In The Story Mode And Selling "All-Time Great" Rosters

27 Aug 16 - 03:30

Go back to last year, 2K Sports introducted eight licensed colleges to NBA 2K16 and giving them a place in the game's MyCareer story mode, the event made a huge splash. Owing to low sales and ongoing litigation, It was the first sign of college basketball in the six years following the cancellation of the standalone video games. 

With "NBA 2K17," there will be 10 licensed universities, and their involvement is expanding. Once again they'll play a role in the story mode, but 2K will al...
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You Need To Know Something Of NBA 2K17 Demo

27 Aug 16 - 03:27

​NBA 2K17 soon to be released on mid-September, before its release date coming, basketball fans were still waiting, finally, 2K Games make them to experience the upcoming NBA 2K games. the game's will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs, nowadays, for this year’s title, something totally new was revealed by the publisher, which is NBA 2K17 The prelude.
The idea behind NBA 2K17 The Prelude is pretty simple. At this point, NBA 2K has absolutely no legitimate competition on video...
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Why Is Only Focus On Kobe Bryant For NBA 2K17 Story Mode

25 Aug 16 - 22:46

As announced by official news : NBA 2K17 soon to be release on september 20. As we all know that Kobe Bryant have retired from NBA basketball career, but his legendary and uncommonly basketball career will never be forget. So, he was selected as the legend edition cover of upcoming NBA 2K17 video game this year. Meanwhile, The standard edition of the game will see Paul George of the Indiana Pacers up front.
As mentioned in a prior post, the NBA 2K17 Legend Edition seems to be all about th...
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Who Are Received NBA 2K17 Ratings

25 Aug 16 - 22:39

When we watch overall court this season, the Philadelphia 76ers not only a more exciting team but also an interesting unit to play with in NBA 2K17. On wednesday, both Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid got ratings by 2K Sports. Via Ronnie 2K of 2K Sports, and were content with the results.
It's worth to mention that Simmons is the high-rated sixers rookie in 2K history, he will possess a bevy of badges, in this regard, it's reflect that he has amazing strengths in real life. "Break Starter...
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NBA 2K17 Ratings News Update: Ben Simmons And Joel Embiid Get Ratings

25 Aug 16 - 22:29

Player fans are still highly anticipated upcoming NBA 2K17 video game, for the mega-popular's game, however, the Philadelphia 76ers won’t be the most fun team. They intend to add more fun than last year's game. nonetheless, its shortcoming is that the Philadelphia 76ers haven't showing friendly for the video game, additionally, overall talent and outside shooting haven't reach skilled.
The hype of Ben Simmons will look to change that as he will surely bring something fun to the tea...
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Jaw-dropping NBA 2K17 Trailer and Worth to Watch

23 Aug 16 - 03:24

NBA2K17 soon to be release about less than a month, it will be full of NBA2K17 news in the street. Additionally, the award-winning video game is gradually toward to fans, we ensure that all fanatic fans was shocked by the series of latest iteration and drastic basketball video game.

It's pleased to know that 2K Sports revealed its "Friction" trailer on monday, its remarkable features is the song by the same name from Imagine Dragons. From the trailer we can get the feeling of realisti...
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NBA2K17 First Trailer And Pre-Order Bonuses Bebuted

23 Aug 16 - 02:44

This summer, NBA2K17 will be appear into your life, await is long but soon to be end. With wait is getting shorter and the fans are excited for NBA add more new features, gameplay and presentation. Every year, NBA2K17 make more changes and make fans to get more surprise, it's provided for NBA fans a much realistic gaming experience, speaking of this aspect, NBA2K17 is successful.

First trailer of the upcoming "NBA2K17" already was debuted by 2K sports, the trailer showing the scene of 2016...
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