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Why Is Only Focus On Kobe Bryant For NBA 2K17 Story Mode

25 Aug 16 - 22:46

As announced by official news : NBA 2K17 soon to be release on september 20. As we all know that Kobe Bryant have retired from NBA basketball career, but his legendary and uncommonly basketball career will never be forget. So, he was selected as the legend edition cover of upcoming NBA 2K17 video game this year. Meanwhile, The standard edition of the game will see Paul George of the Indiana Pacers up front.
As mentioned in a prior post, the NBA 2K17 Legend Edition seems to be all about the Black Mamba. It will showcase Bryant in three different poses with the background magnificently donned by the familiar purple accent obviously referencing to his one and only NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers.
Aside from the digital disc copies, also included are 2 Panini Kobe Bryant trading cards which will retail for $79.99. The copy will be available for PS4 and Xbox One owners, per GottaBeMobile.
More than just the cover
If the “Friction” trailer is any indication, there is a big chance that NBA 2K17 may be doing just that. BitBag singles out how the original jersey (#8) worn by Kobe appeared on screen plus other scenes showing the retired Laker star with his old afro hairdo.
Seeing how the Legend edition is all about Kobe Bryant, could there be something more than the purple-accent covers? The word out is that the included story mode feature could very well focus on the “Black Mamba’s” decorated NBA career.
Speaking of the old versions of NBA 2K games, it's fact that NBA2K didn't show off old versions of players. While that could still be the case with Kobe possibly on the lineup of old Lakers teams, actually, Kobe Bryant is the featured player on NBA 2K17 story mode, all is likely think that he totally have enough reason to served.
As we can see,look back to Kobe Bryant basketball career, he truely has done a lot. Everyone knows knows his scoring prowess highlighted by his 81 points scored against the Toronto Raptors back on Jan. 22, 2006 plus other scoring splurges. Aditionally, there were the NBA titles he helped bring to the Los Angeles Lakers and so on.
The introduction of NBA 2K17 release date and more details
NBA 2K17 will be available on related games platforms, for instance, PS3,PS4,Xboxone,Xbox360 ect, before release date coming, you can buy preorder your copy, you can get it four days early on the 16th. please stay tuned U4NBA, you can buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT in advance.
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