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NBA 2K17 Ratings News: Kristaps Porzingis And Brandon Jennings Critique Their Own NBA 2K17 Ratings

29 Aug 16 - 04:31

As noted by N4NBA.COM, a few days ago, the result of the individual player ratings for NBA 2K17 has already come out, in this regard, league's dudes have a chance to complain even though bust each other's balls. Of course, our own New York Knicks were no exception.

First of all, as we can see Kirstaps Porzingis, actually, we cannot see any comment, he is willing to let the fans speak for him: 

If you ask me what do I think about? I will be answer you that I see scene: they  they screwed up his hair and made him look slightly cross-eyed, which is a damned sin in my eyes. Also, 80 is a touch low, I suppose. And then there was Brandon Jennings, who put on a hater’s clinic. More video game? Buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT awaiting for you.

Jennings was at perhaps his most savage with Jared Dudley, the dude best remembered by Knicks fans for calling Carmelo Anthony the NBA’s most overrated player.

This is just smart — ingratiate yourself with your new team by publicly taking down the enemy of its captain. If Jennings keeps this up, Melo just might buy him his own monogrammed bathrobe. 

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