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Kevin Durant Latest In The List, Screenshot Released, Features Ect

22 Aug 16 - 11:22

NBA players screenshot update: N4NBA provided more screenshot for fanatic player fans, screenshots was released in recently. For members of Team USA's Olympic Basketball team who are currently playing in Rio, Untill now, Most of screenshot get update. If you want get more latest NBA2K17 news, please stay tuned U4NBA

Paul George

Paul George's NBA 2K17 screenshot can be seen here. George's skin tone is closer to real life in 2K17 than it is in 2K16. He is also more muscular in the latest version of the video game franchise. In addition, his tattoos are more obvious.

Kyrie Irving

The NBA 2K17 screenshot of Kyrie Irving can be checked out here. So far, the screenshots shown by NBA 2K have been from players who participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics. The USA Men's Basketball team is currently lined up to play against Serbia for the gold medal match on Sunday. Last Tuesday, it was Kyrie Irving's screenshot which was showcased.

The NBA 2K17 screenshot shows that the skin tone and beard of Irving is spot on.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant's screenshot in the much anticipated basketball video game was released last Saturday afternoon. The picture can be viewed here. The picture shows Durant in his new Golden State Warriors uniform. Durant made waves in the off-season after he decided to sign with the team that beat them in the Western Conference finals, making it a super team.

In the NBA 2K17 screenshot, Durant is more slender than in previous versions. His neck skinnier and longer, and his shoulders aren't as broad. This is closer to the fact that Durant is indeed one of the skinniest players in NBA.

The NBA 2K17 screenshot shows that the skin tone and beard of Irving is spot on.

Karl-Anthony Towns

The screenshot of Karl-Anthony Towns can be viewed here. Minnesota Timberwolves' Towns isn't a member of the Olympic basketball team, but the screenshot pays homage to last season's Rookie of the Year and NBA's future superstar.

The screenshot basically just reveals a side view of Towns' face. It shows his unique hairstyle on the side, featuring a curved line shave, and a bit more facial hair than the 2K16 render.

Andre Drummond and Dennis Schroeder

The NBA 2K17 screenshots for Andre Drummond and Dennis Schroeder can be seen here. Drummond, like the other names mentioned in this list, is a member of Team 2K. For now, aside from the game developers, nobody really knows what Team 2K is. Perhaps, in the game, there will be modes revolving around these players. Perhaps, this is just a group of NBA players who like 2K and enjoy being involved with the game.

Jimmy Butler

Butler's screenshot was released last Wednesday and can be viewed here. Jimmy Butler is also a member of the Olympic basketball team currently waiting for the gold medal match in Rio. The screenshot shows a more muscular Butler.

Dennis Schroder is not a member of Team 2K, but his screenshot is showcased because he is in the cover of the German version of the game. Stay glued to U4NBA.COM as we keep you updated with the latest and trendiest news.
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