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Draymond Green First Official Screenshot Was Exposured

22 Aug 16 - 11:42

In recently, an image of Draymond Green start circulating on the internet, nonetheless, this one isn't NSFW. 
Its Final screenshot was released by 2K Sports, In week-long reveal of its Team TISI +% 2K stars. Take a look at the do-it-all forward from the Golden State Warriors:

If make a comparasion, relatively speaking, this is a massive upgrade the from beefy render in NBA2K16. We can named it the gluten-free version of Day-Day. meanwhile, we can make a comparasion from image last year's version and this year's render.

Green was way too hefty in NBA 2K16, so unlike most of the renders we’ve seen, his body size has been scaled back. His face is much more accurate and the overall render is more realistic.

This one replaces Karl-Anthony Towns as my favorite of the revealed renders.

In case you missed the previous six, here’s a link to all of the prior comparison pieces:

Kyrie Irving
Paul George
Jimmy Butler
Kevin Durant
Karl-Anthony Towns
Andre Drummond

The game official release date less than month, NBA2K17 will be release on september 20. Stay tuned more official news of NBA2K17, recommended you click into U4NBA.COM to get latest update of NBA2K17, stay tuned as vital information is still making its way to the public.
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