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Boston Celtics Guard NBA 2K17 Rating: Showing Dissatisfy For His Score

29 Aug 16 - 04:38

Any sports star entire career is unpredicted, so, just like Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas, at present, he already have a feeling of another perceived slight to use as motivation: His rating on the popular video game NBA 2K17. More NBA 2K17 detail news update, please stay tuned U4NBA.COM.

For those who don't play the game, NBA 2K ratings are out of 100, with the best players in the world getting a 99. An 85 is a pretty standard score for a lower-level All-Star, which lines up with Thomas' current perception around the league. Players like Michael Jordan and LeBron James are generally in the 99 range, while Stephen Curry was briefly given a perfect 100 last year to coincide with the fact that his skill set was breaking the video game.     

It's pretty common around this time for NBA players to receive and then (like clockwork) to complain about their ratings — if you ask most athletes what their rating should be, it hovers somewhere between "the greatest" and "the greatest ever." So it's not much of a surprise that Thomas, the best player on his team last year, thinks an 85 is a little low. 

This is not his first gripe with NBA 2K, however. The 2K16 game incurred his wrath last year as well.

Isaiah Thomas seems to thrive on perceived slights, so who knows: Perhaps this rating is exactly what he needs after a summer of primarily love from the Celtics internet community.

This years version of the game, NBA 2k17, is set to release world wide on September 20th, but if you preorder your copy, you can get it four days early on the 16th. By the way, you need to buy NBA2K17 MT
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